Let’s Talk About Egg Donation

Who better to write about egg donation than two moms via egg donation who have been there and done that?


That’s what LET’S TALK ABOUT EGG DONATION written by Carole LieberWilkins, MFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Marna Gatlin Founder and Executive Director of Parents Via Egg Donation—is all about.

These two moms have written a book of real stories from real people all about personal journeys and experiences with family building, with one common denominator– egg donation. What better way to gain accurate, useful, and great information than to go right to the source?

Written by, for, and about families built through egg and embryo donation, LET’S TALK ABOUT EGG DONATION takes the reader on a 10-chapter journey–from infertility diagnosis, to pregnancy, to how to talk to your child about the special way they were conceived.

What makes this book unique are the scores of stories from parents about their experiences of becoming parents through egg donation. Carole and Marna have woven their stories throughout the book to craft an informative, easy-to-read narrative that focuses on positive language choices. It is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to know more about egg or embryo donation as a path to parenthood.

A guide to parenting with a twist, we answer the questions we most often hear from parents and intended parents via egg and embryo donation: Will I love my child? Will my child love me? Will my family accept my child? What will my child feel? And, perhaps the biggest question of all: How do I talk with my children about donor conception? LET’S TALK ABOUT EGG DONATION includes stories from mom-and-dad couples, same sex couples, single moms and dads, and young adults conceived via egg donation.

Coming to a bookstore near you in July 2019!